Let’s enter the world of Mobilization

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY succeeding in all-round upgrading of 2016 Intelligence and Mobilization. This is a great upgrade from PC to mobile, and more of a great migration from industrialization to intelligence. This is a wisdom revolution, and more of an improvement of ecosystem. Therefore, we carry out standardized technology upgrade, personalized service upgrade, innovative product upgrade, mobilized marketing upgrade, free management upgrade on a global scale, everything we do to make intelligent service be everywhere, and mobile shopping at all times and places. This is a real sense of network upgrade movement, its revolution stands for the beginning of real liberalization, with its unique functions and features, CWMALLS Mobilization will bring worldwide old and new customers, clients unusual outstanding experience. Welcome you to participate and pay attention to this great upgrade which has the attitude, feeling, innovation, and strength, its brilliance is just your excellence!

“CWMALLS Mobilization” is the new definition of online sharing, shopping and living, 24-hour mobile online live chat service will provide you one-to-one online communication service at any time, one-click All Categories experience will get you the answer instantly, zero-distance social sharing service will make you be the protagonist all the time, secure, convenient shopping and payment experience will make the value of “CWMALLS Mobilization” become your super preference. This is an innovation marathon without finish line. For this purpose, our technology team carries out all-round cooperation with Google, Apple, Facebook, Oracle, Microsoft, Yahoo, SpaceX and many other technology and network companies to show our “CWMALLS Element”, “CWMALLS Gene” and “CWMALLS Brand” for your sharing through our join forces. Meanwhile, to better build and make “CWMALLS®” be the new definition and standard of Network Brand and Online Brand, and become the brand model in the internet age and mobile world, “CWMALLS Mobilization” is just carrying such mission to offer all worldwide partners a flow of products and services with our continuous upgrade and innovation, and to make you, him, her, it and me really become the dream chaser, the brave and actor! Welcome all of you to pay attention, participate and experience “CWMALLS Mobilization” together!


Feb 9, 2017


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