Unique Printed Leather Blazers in CWMALLS

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Original Designer, Patented New Product Series -– Men’s Printed Leather Blazer officially coming online for presale and sale globally. The originality from “galaxy” and the poetry from the nature brand every style of these unique Printed Blazers with the mark of “dream”, “technology”, “beauty” and “future” together. This is a masterpiece of slimness and fashion, and more of a perfect combination of technology and art. Innovation+Originality+Nature+Intelligence=CWMALLS Printed Leather Blazer, this is an unusual start, and this is an extraordinary experience. Welcome worldwide fashion insiders, web celebrities, famous people, singers, movie stars and elites from all walks of life to pay active attention and appreciate this Patent Design of CWMALLS COMMODITY. The wonderfulness is in front of you, CWMALLS is just around you!

CWMALLS® Printed Leather Blazer” is our classic masterwork of “dream design” and “future design”, and the latest achievement of Technology CWMALLS, Art CWMALLS, Smart CWMALLS and Ecology CWMALLS. Its global online presale(“Custom Made” and “Personal Tailor” service are available) and sale are the latest embodiment as we advocate Design CWMALLS, Standard CWMALLS, Sharing CWMALLS and Network CWMALLS. The world joint innovation, design and manufacture also inject every style of Leather Blazer with the flavor of the world and the charm of the future. 3D printing technology, green and environmental material, laser cutting and sewing workmanship, the golden ratio structure and so on, these basic element construction will redefine your “space” life. This is the “Endeavour” and “Explorer” in the design field, and more of the “Compass” and “Steering Wheel” in the innovation field. With a brand new business and cooperation made, CWMALLS Printed Series opens up a distinctive fashion travel, with simple, direct, passionate and free design concept, its innovation makes every work and every product have a unique feature. This is the new standard and symbol of network age, internet age and mobile sharing age. Therefore, with our continuous innovation, exploration and tests, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS cooperative partners will turn every “vagarious” originality and ideas into work and products for you to share and experience. Meanwhile, we will improve the joy of sharing by cooperate with more famous people, celebrities, all kinds of fashion Parties, fashion shows. CWMALLS is open, and we will practice everything belongs to you, ourselves and the future with our concrete actions! Look forward to paying continuous attention to our high quality, featured new products, CWMALLS will be more wonderful with your supports!


Feb 21, 2017


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