Leather Moto Jacket–You Worth It

Today’s theme is the leather moto jacket. Talking about the leather jacket, there is no doubt that it can be regarded as a classical jacket which can be paired with most clothes and never be outdated in decades. In suitable seasons, wearing a leather jacket is a kind of tendency, especially in the circle of famous stars.

In most people’s minds, leather moto jacket is the symbol of locomotive party and punk rock music. Of course, it’s right. The history of this jacket can be tracked back to 1982. The first leather moto jacket was produced by Irving Schott with horsehide to match with motorists who don’t have applicable clothes. For them, leather moto jacket is quiet a essential and practical equipment. Besides, it is the standard configuration of punk rock music. It can be seen in early American punk bands. People who like punk rock music believe that wearing a leather jacket is a type of attitude to show their preference. I think that leather jackets have another function–gain attention. For those people who is not familiar with moto and punk rock music, leather jacket is a powerful object to catch the eyes. Image that people around wear the common clothes and you wear a special-designed leather jacket, it must be a huge attention which may be a good way to find your boyfriend/girlfriend.


The leather moto jacket that I wanna introduce is made from Australian genuine lambskin leather which is waterproof and windproof. And the design of slant pockets with zippers avoids things falling down. The zipper cuffs of long sleeves can be adjusted to fit the motorists’ behaviors. Classic Leather epaulets at the shoulders can be a temporary storage for some small objects like gloves.

If you are lover of moto, fan of punk rock music or the people who are single, get ready to purchase a leather jacket. Good choice for you!


March 14, 2017


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