Leather Ballet Flats to Realize Your Ballet Dream

Each girl may have a dream of ballet when she was young, but as she grows up, she will gradually know the hardship of it. A ballerina is usually trained from the very young and there might be much hurt and pain with her feet, so a successful ballerina is really admirable! While we may not be able to become a ballerina, owning a pair of ballet shoes can be achievable. Of course, what I say here is not the strict meaning of ballet shoe which is designed specifically for ballet dancing, I just refer to those ballet flats. Here are some leather ballet flats that I’d like to introduce.

Leather Ballet Flats

There are four styles of ballet flats in the picture which can be divided into two types. The first type includes all the quilted ones which are crafted from genuine natural lambskin leather with allover quilting. The toe of the them is all plain while the top two are decorated with metal. Plain toe is more comfortable for wearing and also more similar to the real ballet shoes, you can imagine you are dancing ballet when walking and whirling in the sparsely populated path, how wonderful it will be! Moreover, such leather flats are great to wear in your daily life and suit almost all conditions. Available in blue, silver and black, the three quilted flats are easy to match other clothes, and you wouldn’t need to concern about the matching every day. The another studded leather flat is quite distinctive from others. For one thing, its toe is not only pointed but also studded, which is originally designed and makes it a hidden weapon for ladies. For another, its back is full of rivet details, showing your personality adequately. You may draw much attention when walking in the street and then you should smile and advance with more confidence.

No matter which leather flat you prefer, you have got the key point, those leather ballet flats help you to realize your unattainable ballet dream.



Freelance writer, columnist


March 27, 2017


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