The Shearling Leather Coats You May Not See Before

Although spring has come, we haven’t felt the temperature recovery yet till now. So for those who want to take off the winter clothes and put on the spring clothing, please don’t hurry, it’s not time to do so. Of course, those who value good looking more than temperature may not listen to me. While it’s not so cold as the real winter, some light and thin coats/jackets are more suitable choices. Here I’d like to share several shearling leather coats/jackets with you.

Men's Sheepskin Coats

These are 2in1 shearling leather coats/jackets which are constructed in natural ecological lambskin or calfskin leather shell + shearling fur lining, and are crafted by special technology including modern technology and handicraft. Every coat/jacket can be regarded as a masterpiece even unique as it can be custom made for you personally, what it gives to you is not only the quality, warmth, style, but also the sincerity contained in it. These light and thin shearling leather coats/jackets are not actually lightweight due to the genuine materials, but they are indeed lighter and thinner comparing to the former version, that is, the length of shearling fur is shorter, making it more comfortable for daily wearing. More importantly, a new material called Kevlar is applied to these shearling leather coats/jackets to function as the buffering for gunshot, seeming amazing, right? But it can be true, Kevlar has enough intensity to realize this, you can look forward to seeing the miracle in person. And this technology is being applied for patent by CWMALLS, why not have a try in advance? In addition, a thermometer is added to partial coats/jackets inside to measure your body temperature automatically, if you have a desire for it, you can request to add one to the coat/jacket you choose. Such shearling leather coats/jackets combined with technology, art and intelligence are only in CWMALLS COMMODITY, hope you not to miss them at the end of cold days.



Freelance writer, columnist

March 31, 2017


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