Choose Good Leather Brogue Shoes, Choose Good Life

With time going by, men’s concepts of their own appearances have changed. Like women, they now care more about what they look like and the impressions that they leave in others’ minds. In other ways, it is also a polite behavior to have a decorous wearing. Comparing with women, what suits men is the comfortable and decent outfit which can easily show men’s charm. But when choosing outfits, most of people ignore the footwear, paying attention to the clothes. Footwear should be equally considered as a part of outfit. For men, though their requirements of footwear are not numerous and complex as women, it is necessary to possess at least a pair of good leather shoes. So here I want to introduce two leather brogue shoes for men.

leather brogue shoes

The two leather brogue shoes I’m gonna talk about are produced with natural full grain calfskin leather which is selected from Australia, Turkey, Netherlands and combined with the modern technology from Italy, America. And those two leather brogue shoes are similar in some extents. The same lace-up closure is in favor of tightening your feet and fixing the shape of shoes. The design of stacked heel is fashion enough. But the distinction of two leather shoes is the detail of upper pattern. They have the different shape and distribution of brogue pattern. One pair of leather shoes spreads the pattern around the toe and heel; another is surrounded by the toe and side of shoes. Besides, they are available in different colors.

The leather brogue shoes with high quality materials are suitable for wearing in most occasions. As the article Shoes Every Man Must Own said, men choose shoes based on activities and how a man takes care of his shoes is a direct sign of how he takes care of life. So why not choose a pair of good leather shoes which is also practical? And it is more wonderful to browse on custom made service and CWMALLS COMMODITY.


Apr.13, 2017


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