The distinctive and practical backpacks for your journey

As the vivifying and beautiful spring has come, many people are planning to go hiking, go sightseeing, have a picnic or climb a mountain in their leisure time. Indeed it’s a good time to appreciate the natural scenery as well as gather the families. However, we should make a full preparation before going out. Besides a pair of comfortable shoes, another thing is also important, that is backpack. A wonderful backpack can not only contain all your needed things and make your shoulder feel less stressful, but also show your personality and add more glamour to you. The following are two leather backpacks I’d like to share with you.


The first one is a designer black leather flap backpack. Made from natural genuine full grain calfskin which is stable and smooth, this backpack is durable and high quality. Actually, it has plenty of highlights in the original designs. The flap design is different from the traditional one, which is closed with zipper, making it safer and more convenient to put things. What’s more, in addition to the double side pockets, there are a small slant zip pocket and a small flap pocket at the front for you to put small things conveniently. And this asymmetric design shows the feeling of art and distinctiveness. Another point worth noting is the back design, which adopts special material to produce and make it much breathable for use especially in hot days. And the broad shoulder straps help reduce the stress on your shoulder. In general, this backpack is novel, stylish and quite practical.


Another one is a vintage leather flap backpack. It is crafted from waxy genuine calfskin leather, bringing a full-bodied vintage feeling at the first sight. The design of this backpack is simpler, just with a single strap flap design. But the inside has a main compartment and several pockets for placing your things in order. And under the flap is a large pocket together with the back zipper pocket for you to put things easily and secretly. With narrower shoulder straps, it is more suitable to short journey. This vintage leather backpack is a great choice for those who have a preference for retro style and distinctiveness.

Different from the 5 smart backpacks introduced in an article in GQ, the backpacks I introduce here focus more on both the appearance and the practicability, which is an unbeatable strength.



Freelance writer, columnist

Apr. 13, 2017


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