Custom Made Cropped Leather Jackets for Women

Since leather jacket first became popular in the early 1900s in the military, people have learned more about this great outfit. It was used to protect pilots and soldiers from some extreme climate conditions, but nowadays it is regarded as a fashion item not only for men but also for women. For men, leather jacket is an awesome choice to show their masculine and handsomeness. While for women, it has more effects, such as making them look spell able, cool, sexier and charming, which would vary according to their makeup and hairstyle. Nevertheless, a wonderful leather jacket itself is still of great importance. Thus I’d love to introduce four cropped leather jackets for women.

Women Cropped Leather Jackets

These cropped leather jackets are original designed and patent designed, made from genuine lambskin leather from Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Italy. They adopt 3D design, 3D cutting, handcraft and other high technology to manufacture. More importantly, they can be custom made which means you can get the fittest jacket according to your real figure. In addition, you can also choose the material you’d like to produce and change some details of the jacket that you dislike, such as getting rid of a zipper pocket or a leather strap. This custom made service is a featured service of CWMALLS, other kinds of products like sheepskin coats, leather shoes and leather bags are also applied. Now let’s come to some details of the cropped leather jackets. Each leather jacket has its unique highlights. For the first one, the shape of the lower hem is irregular, which shows the wearer’s slim waist better. For the second one, it combines many fashion elements including quilting design, leather waist belt, zipper pockets and cuffs, tabs with snap button and so on. And the not-to-bottom zipper closure of the third one, the double buckle straps at waist for the fourth one. You may find more surprises of them by yourself.

As the article wrote, biker jackets rev up, whether for men or women, leather biker jackets are the fashion’s new wardrobe staple. So please don’t miss such fashion cropped leather jackets which can be custom made for you!



Freelance writer, columnist

Apr. 21, 2017


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