The Standard of The Fast And The Furious–Wonderful Scenes And Cool Characters

After two years of waiting, The Fast and The Furious 8 sets sail from Cuba – the honeymoon place of Dom and Letty. Starting from the Cuban’s crazy car racing, their peaceful life seems to be interrupted due to the appearance of hacker Cipher. After stealing the electromagnetic pulse weapons, Dome turns and betrays his team members who have been in life-or-death situations with him and then joins Cipher’s team. At that time, the whole team rolls into a crisis of trust. In a series of wits, Dom returns and together against Cipher with his team. The plot of movie is not complicated and even a little old-fashioned. Dom betrays the team because of family, but his family reunites because of team.

The view of this movie is exactly the same as the film’s name – The Fast and The Furious. Some people say that even ignoring the story and seeing the scene is enough for value of movie. Indeed, there are the wonderful scenes throughout film. And the scenes related to speed will never let audiences disappointed. At the beginning is crazy car racing in Cuban and Dom reverses to drive the fire car to win the game; the middle part is the chase between the team and Dom and they try to control him and let him down; On the way to snatch the nuclear password, Cipher invades the driving computer of vehicle, opens the automatic driving mode and controls thousands of cars which like zombies to crash into the anti-theft armored vehicle of Defense Minister; Finally, they experiences the life-or-death speed in the Russian, escapes from the attack of submarine. All of those show the exciting of speed and passion.

In addition to exciting scenes and unprecedented sense of technology in the whole film, leather jacket, as a wild and free representative of clothes, brushes its presence everywhere. First of all is the appearance of leather jackets. Roman wears a black leather jacket chasing Dom; Megan wears a red leather jacket sitting in the co-pilot; Letty wears a black Slim leather jacket robing the password box with Dome; Rhodes wears a black leather jacket being at a stalemate with Letty and so on. Locomotive jackets add a bit of wild for actors and the scenes of racing, chasing, fighting. As a single item of fashion, Locomotive jackets are the favorite items of the fashion circle and have been always mentioned, for example, the Russian vision of ELLE magazine has referred to CWMALLS motorcycle jacket. Then the film culminates in Russia, they chase in the thousands of miles of frozen lake. Russia, always known for the cold weather, is still released its majesty. But in such a cold weather, Dom still wears the standard configuration of leather jacket showing his rigid, uninhibited, wild image. In the chase, Roman tragically falls into the water yelling the coldness rather than his clothes being wet. From here, we can see the leather products have a function of waterproof. In my mind, Russian’s winter wearing is very thick, heavily armed, tightly, but it seems that Russian’s wearing does not meet the needs of the film. In this kind of weather and occasion, wearing a sheepskin shearling coat can’t be suitable anymore. The texture of genuine leather, stereo tailoring and distinctive functional design not only bring comfortable and warm sensation, waterproof and windproof functions, but also avoid bloated figure and are beneficial for flexible movement which caters to the needs of the role.

In the US films, the leather jackets seem to be the standard equipment of actors. Leather jackets show up in almost the films, even The Fast and The Furious 8 is no exception. As a expert of sheepskin shearling leather customization, CWMALLS has been always concerned about …



Apr.26, 2017


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