CWMALLS Crowdfunding Series — 2in1 Shearling Jackets

CWMALLS® is the world’s first online brand: personalized, free, beautiful, valuable…
Made to Order”, “Original Design”, “Patent Product”are all in CWMALLS® Leather Jackets, Shoes, Bags series!
CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY are the pioneers and creators of the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem.

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 patent design, crowd funding series new products — “CWMALLS® 2in1 Shearling Jackets” officially start at “”; this is a crowd funding activity aiming to apply for the American patent and European Union patent, meanwhile, through the all-round cooperation with FundRazr and other crowd funding platforms, it brings more surprises and value to the innovation lovers, design lovers, patent lovers around the world and also brings more sensory experience and artistic enjoyment; this is an activity which the standard, valuable, ecological CWMALLS and the technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY take part in jointly, it is not only a crowd funding with your support and help, but more likely to be a globalized, networked public sharing mode; thus, CWMALLS design team, product team, operation team, technology team establish wide and deep cooperations with more third parties of crowd funding platforms to turn more ideas, works into products and commodities to share with you timely and benefit everyone; welcome partners from European center, North American center, Asia Pacific center to pay attention and participate actively; excellence is here, where are you?
2in1 Shearling Jacket
“CWMALLS® 2in1 Shearling Jackets” are the masterpieces of networked united innovation, united design and united manufacture; the unique technological crafts and traditional handicrafts inject the unworldly soul into every detail; the perfect combination of pure natural, original ecological materials makes sheepskin, shearling from Denmark, Turkey, Australia, Spain, Italy become the new symbol of original design; “CWMALLS® 2in1 Shearling Jacket” combined together with scientific concept of human body structure, laser cutting, 3D design, nano dyeing is more worthy to be protected, recommended, shared and gained your cognition through crowd funding; this is the common responsibility and dream of CWMALLS people who have their own attitudes and CWMALLS team that have their missions, that is, to offer the endless innovative works, original works, patent new products as well as more professional, personalized service; due to the large amount of expense and budget, we dig out the value, meaning of every work, product and bring you surprises through multi-channel, all-round cooperation with the third parties of crowd funding platforms and everyone’s joint efforts and participation! Just as the story written in this article, crowd funding does help a lot. Welcome the elites from all walks of life around the world, welcome old and new clients, customers, welcome more celebrities, singers, film stars, web celebrities, fans…to pay attention to and participate in the crowd funding activity of CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY; it’s brilliance is just your excellence. In 2017, love gets us together, in 2017, we keep consistent, in 2017, we skip to stand!

Note: As it is our first time to hold the activity of gaining the fees for applying for patent at FundRazr, the product for this activity is our unique 2in1 Shearling Jacket. Contributors can get this product by contributing a designated amount of money (lower than 60% of the normal price), meanwhile, we also provide custom made service and global free shipping. The more you contribute, the more you will get. Also, you can invite your friends and relatives to contribute, we totally offer 20 pieces of the products taking part in this activity, the amount of product is limited, so please pay attention and participate in time! Thank you!

“Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School”— CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND
“CWMALLS Crowd Funding” makes dream, innovation and sharing more powerful!

2017 CWMALLS: Standard, Value, Ecology;
2017 CWMALLS COMMODITY: Technology, Art, Intelligence;
2017 MWE FUND: Charity, Public Welfare, Responsibility;
Eco-friendly intelligent wearing, Low-carbon and environment friendly life, both are in CWMALLS global networking and mobilization.
April 28, 2017

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