CWMALLS Complex — The Sailing of Fourth Element!

CWMALLS® is the world’s first online brand: personalized, free, beautiful, valuable…
“Made to Order”, “Original Design”, “Patent Product”are all in CWMALLS® Leather Jackets, Shoes, Bags series!
CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY are the pioneers and creators of the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem.

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 globalization, networking series — “CWMALLS Complex” officially being set up; this is the model of alliance between giants, and also the represent of having a common goal; its brave spirit of innovation lights the passion all the time, its strong executive capacity brings refreshing feelings; this is the demand of the times, and also the direction of the future; in this globalized and networked era, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY set up CWMALLS Complex with a unique cooperative idea, to achieve dreams and missions, we are running all the way; having dreams, power, belief, pursuit, missions and responsibilities, being united as one and moving forward bravely, these are the confessions of CWMALLS Complex; welcome friends and partners in Asia Pacific region, North American region, European region to concern the surprises brought by CWMALLS Complex together! New value, new thoughts and new ecology, let’s thumbs up for innovation!


CWMALLS Complex” plays the song of victory of horizontal integration and vertical excavation officially; this is the demand of strategy, and also the requirement of environment, it forms up common value and concepts in the cores of industrial alliance, distribution alliance, online shopping alliance and innovation alliance and with the help of such technological tools as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. to carry out a globalized, networked cooperative, sharing revolution to insist on the realization of global economic integration and global shopping integration; therefore, our technology team, product team, operation team and management team make an example and stand at a historical height, an angle of future to carry out all-round cooperation and integration with many related corporations, industries and talents to unify the thinking, cognition, standards and value and to fight bravely for the common beliefs and dreams; CWMALLS Complex agglomerates the era elites of all walks of life to release their due capability and value through the big stage of CWMALLS; meanwhile, to motivate more potential through mutual learning and help to contribute more to the sustainable development of human society and the balanced development of natural society! CWMALLS Complex makes the world become more wonderful due to our hand in hand and heart to heart! Union is strength, having dreams, actions and future — CWMALLS Complex!

“Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School” — CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND
“CWMALLS Complex” — the sailing of the fourth element!

CWMALLS Dream: Four Basis(Information Flow, Talent Flow, Goods Flow and Capital Flow), Three Centers(North America Center, Europe Center, Asia Pacific Center), Two Funds(Maintain World Fund, Maintain Earth Fund), and One College(CWMALLS College with two courses History and Philosophy)
CWMALLS COMMODITY Dream: To offer pure natural, ecological “green products”, “environment-friendly commodities” continuously to consumers around the world; meanwhile, to transform more ideas, works and patents to products and commodities to form a virtuous cycle of ecological chain and value chain.
CWMALLS Mission: To create the global standardized value ecosystem!
CWMALLS COMMODITY Mission: Integrating the world’s high quality featured new products for you to share and benefit everyone!
MWE FUND: Maintain the world’s peace and stability, maintain the earth’s balance and development.

2017 CWMALLS: Standard, Value, Ecology;
2017 CWMALLS COMMODITY: Technology, Art, Intelligence;
2017 MWE FUND: Charity, Public Welfare, Responsibility;
Eco-friendly intelligent wearing, Low-carbon and environment friendly life, both are in CWMALLS global networking and mobilization.



July 3, 2017


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