Why Men Need A Pair Of Original Shoes

When referring to shoes, you must think of Gucci, Prada, Sergio Rossi, Salvatore Ferragamo at the first time, which are the famous shoes brands all over the world. And these brands all have good reputation, a long history and super popularity. But there are so many brands that are not known by a large amount of consumers, though their shoes are not bad , even some of their shoes’ quality and workmanship are better. Just because of their original hand-made, very special appearance and expensive price, not so many people buy them. However, I hope you to ask yourself, are you really enjoying the feelings of the shoes or just enjoying their brands? Just reflect on the question, and now it’s my aim to write this essay.

I urge that every man needs a pair of original shoes. But why men need a pair of original shoes? Common is not bad, you may think. But here is a few reasons. And today, I also want to recommend CWMALLS, a new choice to you.


First, I want to introduce a famous person. He is the co-founder of Bontoni, whose name is Lewis Cutillo, he leads a hand-made team, and sells shoes in an experience price, but still many men come and buy them, because they worth the price, they are just like unique treasure. And he said,” Men’s shoes focus on work rather than fashion. No one would ask what brand of shoes George Clooney wore on the red carpet, but that is what we will do.” He makes the Italian hand-made original shoes come to the center of people’s eyes. So, workmanship is really important, and though hand-made original shoes don’t depend on famous brands, they are necessary to be focused by men. The reason that I recommend CWMALLS is because it exactly has perfect workmanship, and it’s not so expensive as Bontoni, which you can afford them. Just look at the pictures following: perfect quality and careful workmanship, even look at the pictures, you can imagine how enjoyable you wear the shoes, soft and comfortable, making you feel they are irreplaceable. CWMALLS is the world’s first online casual luxury brand, aiming at its innovative featured products, the green and hand-made products are its feature.

Then, experts have confirmed that women can judge a man from his shoes. When a man wears shoes that are dirty and ruined, it just means the man is so slovenly in his life while a man with a pair of common shoes every day, shows his inflexible and ordinary, he just wants to be the same with others and doesn’t have his own creative thoughts. If you wear a pair of original shoes, whether they are boots or leather shoes, they can on behalf of your innovative thinking and make you distinct in the crowd. And Silvano Lattanzi, another senior craftsman said that few women would fall in love with a poorly dressed man. A pair of original shoes which are matching your clothes will certainly increase the probability of a perfect dating. Just conceive that you go for a date every day, and you may wear different clothes, and of course you’ll need diverse shoes to match them. Original shoes are your best choice and reveal your creativity.


Last but not least, Cutillo added that the search for color is also a distinctive feature of Italian-made men’s shoes. Color gives the shoe personality, for example, in order to avoid merely becoming a pair of ordinary leather shoes, the color provides the shoe owner with an opportunity for self-expression. Thus, different colors and patterns make the menswear more special and original. You should have such a pair of original shoes, color gives both your shoes and yourself personality. Don’t be a common man, don’t be too ordinary, every man should be different and then you can be distinct! And CWMALLS have shoes in rich color matching(classic Black, elegant White, luxurious Grey, low-key Brown, sexy Red, etc.) bringing more surprises to make your steps graceful!  Don’t just buy the same color shoes, dull and lack of creativity. whereas like the picture below, the shoes in different colors make your life colorful, too. Try different colors, try original shoes!

All in all, you should have a pair of original shoes, especially CWMALLS shoes! It’s not the well-known brand, so it’s seldom known by you, but its high-quality shoes and original designs are not worse, even better than many other brands. Believe it or not, it is bound to be a fashion style all over the world one day. If you don’t want to be the same to be like others, just have a try, pick your own shoes, and I promise CWMALLS won’t let you down!


Mar. 26, 2018


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